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College of Arts & Letters

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9000 Batten Arts & Letters Building
(757) 683-3925
(757) 683-5746

Laura Delbrugge, Dean
Martha Daas, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies and Administration
Dale E. Miller, Associate Dean for Research, Graduate Studies, and Faculty Affairs


The College of Arts and Letters is committed to the ideals of the liberal arts. Its curriculum introduces students to the full range of human experiences through the study of cultural heritage, forms of artistic and literary expressions, patterns of social and political behavior, and methods of critical inquiry. The mission of the College of Arts and Letters is to prepare students for rigorous, intellectual and creative inquiry leading to their full development as human beings and to their responsible engagement with society. We accomplish this mission by:

  1. Endowing all students with the essential skills of critical reading and thinking, effective oral and written communication, and proficient use of technology
  2. Providing foundational knowledge in the arts, humanities and social sciences for all undergraduates
  3. Offering excellent disciplinary and interdisciplinary programs of study and training that introduce students to accumulated knowledge, scholarly debate, and innovations in the field
  4. Fostering global awareness and sensitivity to the breadth and diversity of the human condition, which includes acquiring an understanding of the roles of gender, race, ethnicity, and culture
  5. Providing an environment for the free exchange of ideas among faculty and students, and by vigorously defending academic and intellectual freedom
  6. Promoting research projects, collaborative learning experiences, and challenging internships that connect our students to the community and prepare them for the world of work
  7. Supporting a broad array of cultural experiences that enrich the lives of students, faculty, the University, and the community


Graduate programs in the College of Arts and Letters foster the scholarship and creativity of individual students through close personal contact between faculty and students. Arts and Letters faculty members dedicate themselves to excellence in teaching; take pride in their achievements in research; and commit to enhancing in every way possible the exciting and stimulating environment that is Old Dominion University. The College of Arts and Letters has graduate programs in Applied Linguistics, Applied Sociology, Creative Writing, Criminology and Criminal Justice, English, History, Humanities, International Studies, Lifespan and Digital Communication, and Music Education. The College offers M.A. degrees in Applied Linguistics, Applied Sociology, English, History, Humanities, Lifespan and Digital Communication, International Studies, and Music Education; the M.F.A. degree in Creative Writing; and Ph.D. degrees in Criminology and Criminal Justice, English, and International Studies.