ENGT 111. Engineering Technology Information Literacy/Research. 2 Credits.

Fundamental information literacy and research as applied to engineering technology. Course includes where and how to efficiently locate and critically evaluate technical information. Proper use of technical information and the associated ethical and legal issues will be examined. Prerequisite: ENGN 110.

ENGT 305. Advanced Technical Analysis. 3 Credits.

Analytical and computational methods to support upper-division engineering technology courses. Topics include linear algebra, ordinary differential equations of engineering systems, elements of vector analysis, introductory statistical concepts, and software usage/development. MATLAB is used throughout the course to support all the topics. Presentation of various topics is adjusted for CET, EET or MET programs. Prerequisite: a grade of C or better in MATH 211.

ENGT 434. Introduction to Senior Project. 1 Credit.

This course must be taken in the semester prior to the Senior Project course. A collection of career-related topics pertaining to engineering technology. Topics include engineering codes and standards, engineering ethics, technical report writing, job search and resume writing techniques, patents and property rights, and professional engineering licensure. The course concludes with the selection of the student's project topic for the subsequent Senior Project course. Prerequisite: Senior standing.

ENGT 435W. Senior Design Project. 3 Credits.

A capstone course utilizing upper-level coursework involving independent or group design projects under the direction of a sponsoring faculty member. Projects may involve analytical and/or experimental results. Formal written and oral reports will be required. This is a writing intensive course. Prerequisites: ENGT 434; senior standing or faculty approval; grade of C or better in ENGL 211C or ENGL 221C or ENGL 231C.