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Anne Muraoka, Director, Institute for the Humanities
757 683-3821

The Master of Arts in Humanities program fosters cross-disciplinary learning and interdisciplinary research outcomes with a primary focus on humanistic methodologies. Our goal is to prepare students to engage global concerns in the arts, culture, equity, and historic narratives at a local, national, or international level. The program seeks to provide students with these skills through an interdisciplinary core curriculum that culminates with the development of a thesis or capstone project. Students collaborate with the Program Director to create an appropriate, rigorous program of study. In alignment with the mission of the college and university, the program aims to develop students' skills in critical thinking, effective communication, and creative problem solving. Students will become engaged citizens and stewards of the value of the human experience to transform the world and improve their own lived experiences.

High-performing undergraduates in the College of Arts and Letters may take graduate courses while completing their undergraduate degree through the Linked BA/BS-MA Humanities Program. To learn more about our program, visit our catalog.