HEALTH Courses

HLTH 101. Introduction to the Health Professions. 1 Credit.

Explores careers in the health professions. Assists students in making informed choices regarding careers and programs of study and prepares students to apply for acceptance into health-related majors. Activities are included to help freshmen transition to college work.

HLTH 102. Health Professions in the United States. 1 Credit.

This course examines the health care system in the U.S. and identifies the role played by selected health professions in the delivery of care. Designed for students preparing themselves for entry into health related majors. Prerequisite: HLTH 101 or permission of instructor.

HLTH 120G. Information Literacy for Health Professions. 3 Credits.

This course focuses on building basic skills for conducting health research and includes guidance on locating, utilizing, and evaluating sources. The course examines the methods and tools of health analysis and explores the mechanics of research presentation and writing to help health-related majors prepare for successful completion of upper-division requirements. The class provides a brief introduction to ethical issues related to health research and writing. The class also covers basic computer skills such as using spreadsheets and document management tools.

HLTH 130. Computer Technology Skills for the Health Professions. 2 Credits.

This course is designed to help students in the health professions gain the computer and technological skills needed to succeed in their academic careers and in today's workplace. Students will develop personal competency in practical applications such as Google Docs, spreadsheets and presentation graphics, note taking applications, document revisions, computer hardware, information retrieval and ethics in health information.

HLTH 397. Independent Study. 3 Credits.

HLTH 425. Leadership and Management for Health Professionals. 3 Credits.

A review of the administration, management, policies, and practices governed by scopes of practice in a variety of health care settings. Topics covered include communication, planning and decision making, leadership and conflict management, and legal and ethical issues of concern to specific health professions. Prerequisite: junior standing.

HLTH 495/595. Topics in Health. 1-3 Credits.

HLTH 595. Topics in Health. 1-3 Credits.

HLTH 697. Independent Study. 3 Credits.