Academic Catalog


Women's and Gender Studies

Elizabeth Groeneveld, Chair

Women’s and Gender Studies is a multi- and interdisciplinary field of study that examines gender in historical and contemporary contexts with an emphasis on women’s lives and perspectives. The department values the complex intersections of gender, race, class, sexuality, ability, nation, and other identities.

Both the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees are offered through this department. Students in any discipline can also earn a graduate certificate in Women’s Studies. These degrees enhance career opportunities in governmental and non-governmental agencies, law, criminal justice, public relations, journalism, counseling, the health professions, business, social welfare, education, and many other fields. They also provide a strong foundation for students interested in pursuing graduate work.  


To declare a Women's Studies major or minor, students must see an advisor in the Women's and Gender Studies Department. All Women's Studies majors are required to have a conference with their advisor before each semester (preferably during preregistration).