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Veronica Watson, Chair
Kristi Costello, Associate Chair of Writing Studies (general education)
Daniel Richards, Associate Chair (assessment & graduate programs)
Michelle Fowler-Amato, Director of English Teacher Education
Heather Weddington, Chief Departmental Advisor

The Bachelor of Arts in English requires a minimum of 39 hours in English, in addition to English courses taken to satisfy General Education requirements: ENGL 110C, ENGL 211C or ENGL 231C, and ENGL 112L or ENGL 114L.

Upon completion of ENGL 110C, intended majors should apply to the chief departmental advisor for English to declare the major. Once admitted to the program, students take four courses in the core, two literature electives, one open English elective, and six courses in the major. The major is one of six areas of study (applied language studies, creative writing, journalism, literature, technical writing, secondary English education) within the overall Bachelor of Arts program and allows the student to pursue that area in depth. Because requirements sometimes change, students should consult the latest course requirement lists available in the department office. All majors must take an English writing-intensive (W) course and maintain a grade point average of 2.0 in the major to graduate (2.75 in the secondary English education major).

The department offers graduate degrees in applied linguistics, creative writing, and English. Please refer to the Graduate Catalog for more information.