Academic Catalog


Minor English Minor


The English minor consists of 15 credit hours of 300- and 400-level courses, three hours of which must be at the 400 level. A general minor and five minors in areas related to the English majors are offered, with the general minor and some areas also available online.  Regardless of emphasis or delivery method, the curriculum is still called a minor in English.


Select 15 credit hours from 300 and 400-level English courses15
Total Credit Hours15

Creative Writing

Select 15 credit hours from the following:15
Introduction to Creative Writing
Fiction Workshop
Poetry Workshop
Craft of Literary Nonfiction
Advanced Fiction Workshop
Advanced Poetry Workshop
Creative Nonfiction
The Craft of Fiction
The Craft of Poetry
Total Credit Hours15


Select 15 credit hours from the following:15
Editing and Document Design
English Internship
Reporting and News Writing I
Public Relations
Reporting News for Television and Digital Media
Digital Journalism
Business and Science Journalism
The Press and Making of American Democracy
Creative Nonfiction
Sports Journalism
Reporting and News Writing II
Feature Story Writing
Editorial and Persuasive Writing
Media Law and Ethics
Total Credit Hours15

Applied Language Studies

Select 15 credit hours from the following:15
Aspects of the English Language
English Linguistics
Language and Culture
TESL Methods, Materials, & Assessment
General Linguistics
English Grammar
Southern and African American English
History of the English Language
Forensic Linguistics
American English
Language, Gender and Power
Total Credit Hours15


Select 15 credit hours from the following:15
Introduction to British Literature I
Introduction to British Literature II
Shakespeare's Histories and Comedies
Shakespeare's Tragedies and Poetry
Introduction to Critical Theory
The Short Story
American Drama
Southern Literature
American Literature to 1860
American Literature Since 1860
The Contemporary American Novel
World Literature I
World Literature II
Chaucer's Canterbury Tales
English Renaissance Drama
Jewish Writers
British Literature 1660-1800
The Romantic Movement in Britain
Origins and Early Development of the British Novel to 1800
Victorian Literature
The Twentieth-Century British Novel
The American Novel to 1920
The American Novel 1920 to Present
New Literatures in English
American Poetry of the Early Twentieth Century
Women Writers
African American Literature
Asian American Literature
Modern World Drama
Contemporary World Literature
Total Credit Hours15

Technical Writing

Select 15 credit hours from the following:15
Digital Writing
Introduction to Rhetorical Studies
Advanced Composition
Technical Writing
Client-Based Research Writing
English Internship
Public Relations
Writing in the Disciplines
Management Writing
Writing for the Government
Writing in Digital Spaces
Writing with Video
Feature Story Writing
Total Credit Hours15

For completion of a minor, a student must have a minimum grade point average of 2.00 in all courses specified as a requirement for the minor exclusive of lower-level courses and prerequisite courses and complete a minimum of six hours in upper-level courses in the minor requirement through courses offered by Old Dominion University.