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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Craig Bayse, Chair
Kalpana Mahadevan, Chief Departmental Advisor

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers a program in biochemistry, with optional majors in biochemistry-research and secondary chemistry education (6-12), and an American Chemical Society certified program in chemistry, with optional majors in chemistry-pre-med, chemistry-research, and secondary chemistry education (6-12). Chemistry has been called the "central science" because it makes major contributions to agriculture, biology, electronics, engineering, environmental science, medicine, mineralogy and pharmacology. Either undergraduate degree program gives the student the necessary background for continued academic study at the master's and PhD levels, entry into medical, dental, and pharmacy schools, as well as a career in the chemical industry. Students not only gain an excellent education, but also have many research opportunities available to enrich their understanding of real-world problems. Cooperative arrangements exist with the nearby Eastern Virginia Medical School, NASA Langley Research Center and the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility.

Preparation for Medically Related Fields

Students seeking careers in pharmacy, medicine, dentistry, or veterinary science are advised to complete a major in a specific discipline. Such students electing either chemistry or biochemistry as their major must meet all of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Science in chemistry or biochemistry. In addition, students must complete all of the prerequisite coursework specified for admission into the professional program of their choice. Students should consult the Office of Admissions of such professional programs for specific prerequisite coursework and other entrance requirements. Students are also advised to register with the Prehealth Advisory Committee at Old Dominion University (683-6790).

Advanced Placement

Students who receive a qualifying score on the Advanced Placement of the College Board exam in chemistry may receive credit for introductory chemistry courses. The appropriate credit will be determined after consultation with an advisor.  See the equivalency charts on the ODU website at  Students may also refer to the section of this Catalog on Prior Learning Assessment Credit Options at the Undergraduate Level.