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Courses numbered 100 are primarily for freshmen, 200 for sophomores, 300 for juniors, 400 for seniors. 500-, 600-, 700-, and 800-level courses are generally for graduate credit. Courses at the 500 level are cross-listed to undergraduate 400-level courses, with additional work and higher-level outcomes required for 500-level courses.

General education courses are designated by the fourth digit in the course number. At the lower division, the following designations are used: for Skills courses, C=Composition, F=Language and Culture, G=Information Literacy and Research, M=Mathematics, and R=Oral Communication; for Ways of Knowing courses, A=Human Creativity, H=Interpreting the Past, L=Literature, N=The Nature of Science, P and E=Philosophy and Ethics, S=Human Behavior, and T=Impact of Technology. Writing intensive courses are designated by a W in the fourth digit.

Some of the courses listed indicate the semester the course will be offered. Every attempt will be made to offer the courses in the semester(s) indicated. However, this may not always be possible. Please consult the academic advisor or graduate program director for course offerings.

The University reserves the right to withdraw any course for which there is insufficient registration.