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Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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241 Kaufman Hall

Miltos Kotinis, Interim Chair
Colin Britcher, Associate Chair

Drew Landman, Graduate Program Director


The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering strives to provide the highest quality engineering education at the undergraduate and graduate levels, to engage in scholarly research at the forefront of mechanical and aerospace engineering, and to serve the professions of mechanical and aerospace engineering. Graduate degrees in mechanical engineering and aerospace engineering include the Master of Engineering, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy degrees and are designed to prepare graduates for professional practice in teaching, research and development, design, and consulting. Graduates are prepared for challenging and rewarding employment in high-technology industries, research organizations, consulting firms and government agencies. These programs are also designed to serve both full-time and part-time graduate students. The department is closely associated with area industries, consulting firms, government agencies and research laboratories, which add relevance to the graduate engineering curricula, creating a stimulating environment for the pursuit of graduate studies. The students also benefit from the University’s affiliation with NASA Langley Research Center, the Jefferson National Laboratory, the National Institute of Aerospace, and the Virginia Modeling Analysis and Simulation Center. All degree programs offered by the department can be utilized as components within the linked Baccalaureate-Master’s and Baccalaureate-Doctoral degree programs offered through the Batten College of Engineering and Technology. For additional information about the educational and research opportunities available please visit our website at This program is available on-campus and online.

List of Degrees and Certificates

  • Master of Engineering - Mechanical Engineering
  • Master of Science, Engineering - Mechanical Engineering
  • Master of Engineering - Aerospace Engineering
  • Master of Science, Engineering - Aerospace Engineering
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Engineering - Mechanical Engineering
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Engineering - Aerospace Engineering
  • Graduate Certificate - Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Graduate Course Portfolio

Core Graduate Courses

MAE 601Engineering Mathematics3
MAE 602Fluid Dynamics and Aerodynamics3
MAE 603Advanced Mechanics of Solids3
MAE 604Analytical Dynamics3
MAE 605Advanced Classical Thermodynamics3
MAE 607Continuum Mechanics3
MAE 620Heat Transfer I3
MAE 640Modern Control Theory3
MAE 672Design of Experiments3
MAE 682Concurrent Engineering3

 Aerodynamics and Fluids Graduate Courses

MAE 503Flight Mechanics3
MAE 506Flight Vehicle Aerodynamics3
MAE 507Ground Vehicle Aerodynamics3
MAE 517Propulsion Systems3
MAE 557Motorsports Vehicle Dynamics3
MAE 560Introduction to Space Systems Engineering3
MAE 567Racecar Performance3
MAE 706/806Real-Time Signals and Systems3
MAE 710/810Supersonic Flow3
MAE 711/811Hypersonic Aerodynamics3
MAE 712/812Experimental Aerodynamics3
MAE 713/813Turbulent Flow3
MAE 715/815Boundary Layer Theory3
MAE 716/816Computational Fluid Dynamics I3
MAE 718/818Aerospace Test Facilities3
MAE 772/872Response Surface Methodology3

 Thermodynamics and Energy Graduate Courses

MAE 511Mechanical Engineering Power Systems Theory and Design3
MAE 512Environmental Control3
MAE 513Energy Conversion3
MAE 514Introduction to Gas Dynamics3
MAE 720/820Heat Transfer II3
MAE 722/822Theory and Design of Turbomachines3
MAE 723/823Nuclear Engineering3
MAE 724/824Energy Utilization and Conservation3

 Materials and Structures Graduate Courses

MAE 522Modern Engineering Materials3
MAE 730/830Finite Element Analysis3
MAE 731/831Mechanics of Composite Structures3
MAE 733/833Nonlinear Aerospace Structures3
MAE 734/834Theory of Vibrations3
MAE 735/835Experimental Structural Dynamics3
MAE 750/850Nanoscale Mechanical and Structural Properties of Materials3
MAE 751/851Fatigue and Fracture3
MAE 752/852Mechanical Behavior of Materials3
MAE 753/853Composite Materials3

 Dynamics and Controls Graduate Courses

MAE 504Vibrations3
MAE 531Mechanisms Analysis and Design3
MAE 538Applied Analog and Digital Control3
MAE 740/840Autonomous and Robotic Systems Analysis and Control3
MAE 741/841Optimal Control Theory3
MAE 742/842Multibody Dynamics: Theories and Applications3
MAE 743/843Kinematic Synthesis of Mechanisms3
MAE 744/844Atmospheric Flight Dynamics and Control3
MAE 745/845Space Flight Dynamics and Control3
MAE 746/846Advanced Control Methodologies3
MAE 747/847Aerospace Vehicle Performance3

 Design/Manufacturing Graduate Courses

MAE 780/880Engineering Optimization3
MAE 781/881Advanced Design3
MAE 782/882Engineering Software for Computer-Aided Analysis and Design3
MAE 783/883Robots and Manufacturing Automation3
MAE 784/884Computer Integrated Manufacturing3
MAE 785/885Advanced Manufacturing Technology3
MAE 787/887Life Cycle Engineering3
MAE 788/888Computational Intelligence for Engineering Design Optimization Problems3
MAE 789/889Engineering Design with Uncertainties3