Academic Catalog


Master of Arts English with a Concentration in Literature (MA)

Drew Lopenzina, Graduate Program Director

The Master of Arts program in English presents a full array of opportunities in literary studies, technical writing, composition and rhetoric, and the teaching of English. Our faculty, due to their varied areas of expertise, offer unique learning experiences in areas such as gaming, web design, environmental sustainability, Indigenous studies, digital humanities, postcolonialism, and ethnic and gender diversity. Faculty take a hands-on approach to teaching with manageable classroom sizes allowing for personalized instruction and a dynamic culture of learning. Whether you are looking for a professional leg up or simply wish to continue your education, a Master's Degree at ODU promises in-depth exploration of critical discourses that harness the force of language, technology, and literature. The program prepares students for further graduate study in English; for technical writing and editing; for teaching in secondary schools and colleges; for careers in publishing, grant writing, medical writing, social media managing, and community building, for further study in such fields as anthropology, law, psychology, and philosophy; for careers in government and industry; and for other professions requiring analytical, literary, linguistic, digital media, or writing skills.