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Minor Mathematics-Applied Mathematics Minor

The mathematics-applied mathematics minor consists of the following:
MATH 307Ordinary Differential Equations3
MATH 312Calculus III4
MATH 317Calculus IV: Introductory Analysis3
Select two of the following:6
Introductory Linear Algebra
Partial Differential Equations
Applied Numerical Methods I
Applied Numerical Methods II
Intermediate Real Analysis I
Applied Mathematics I: Biomathematics
Applied Mathematics II: Mathematical Modeling
Applied Complex Variables
Applied Mathematics III: Elasticity
Applied Mathematics IV: Fluid Mechanics
Mathematics in Nature
Or approved topics or BDA courses
Total Credit Hours16

At least nine credit hours in the chosen minor must be taken through courses offered by Old Dominion University. Students must have an overall grade point average of at least 2.00 in all courses specified as a requirement for the minor in their chosen minor exclusive of 100/200-level courses and prerequisite courses.