Academic Catalog


Minor Cybersecurity Minor

Saltuk Karahan, Undergraduate Program Director
School of Cybersecurity

This interdisciplinary minor in cybersecurity is focused on the technological, structural, social, and legal frameworks used to secure computer networks and software.  The study of cybersecurity combines multiple fields including computer science, engineering, information technology, criminal justice, and philosophy, to name a few.  In an effort to promote the security of computer networks, software, and cyber information, an interdisciplinary understanding about technological, legal, philosophical, and structural aspects of cybersecurity is needed.  This minor will provide students from different majors the knowledge they need to prevent or respond to cyber incidents they are likely to encounter in their careers.


CRJS 310Cybercriminology: Foundations3
CS 462Cybersecurity Fundamentals3
or ECE/MSIM 470 Foundations of Cyber Security
CS 463Cryptography for Cybersecurity3
CS 464Networked Systems Security3
CS 465Information Assurance for Cybersecurity3
CS 466Principles and Practice of Cyber Defense3
CYSE 300Introduction to Cybersecurity3
CYSE 301Cybersecurity Techniques and Operations3
CYSE 406Cyber Law3
CYSE 407Digital Forensics3
ECE 416Cyber Defense Fundamentals3
or MSIM 416 Cyber Defense Fundamentals
ECE 419Cyber Physical System Security3
or MSIM 419 Cyber Physical Systems Security
EET 405Data Communications and Computer Networks3
or EET 412 Wireless Communication Systems
IT 416Network Server Configuration and Administration3
IT 417Management of Information Security3
IT 418Enterprise Information Assurance3
IT 419Enterprise Cyber Defense3
IT 461Implementing Internet Applications3
PHIL 355ECybersecurity Ethics3
RMI 443Enterprise Risk Management3
or RMI 412 Property & Liability Insurance Company Operations

The interdisciplinary minor in cybersecurity requires 12 credit hours of 300/400-level courses selected from at least two different disciplines with a maximum of six credits from any one discipline. For completion of the interdisciplinary minor, students must have a minimum overall cumulative grade point average of 2.00 in all courses specified as a requirement for the minor exclusive of lower-level courses and prerequisite courses. At least six hours of upper-level courses must be taken through courses offered by Old Dominion University. Three credit hours may be in the major, if a major course is listed as an option for the interdisciplinary minor. As such, it will be credited toward both the major and the interdisciplinary minor.