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Minor American Studies Minor

American studies offers a unique opportunity to explore the culture and society of the United States from a perspective that is inherently interdisciplinary. A minor in American studies provides a structured program to encourage students to cross traditional academic boundaries and to integrate the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

The minor in American studies is an effective program complement for those majoring in the related fields of art, music, dance and theatre; communication, English, and foreign languages; history, geography, and political science; philosophy; sociology, and criminal justice; as well as interdisciplinary majors in women's studies, African American and African studies, and international studies. The minor is also effective for international students, who may wish either to better understand American culture or to acquire an expertise useful in their home countries.

All students minoring in American studies must take AMST 300, cross-listed as ENGL 396 Topics in English and HIST 396 Topics in History (Topics: The American Dream), and 12 credit hours of designated courses divided into two fields (the arts and the humanities, and the social sciences), for a total of 15 hours. Please note that some courses listed below require prerequisites. Students may not use more than one course from the minor to satisfy program requirements in another major or minor.