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Certificate Modeling and Simulation for Human Factors Psychology Certificate

Mark Scerbo, Program Coordinator

Human factors is a discipline in which principles of cognition, information processing, learning, and perception are applied to the design of technology. Knowledge of human factors helps create a better match between user capabilities and system demand. Further, an understanding of human capabilities helps designers generate more veridical models of human behavior. Applying principles of human factors can create more effective simulator training systems. This modeling and simulation certificate provides students with a focus on psychological principles that address end-user capabilities with models of human behavior and with knowledge/skill acquisition.

This certificate is designed for graduate students in psychology who are interested in pursuing a career in modeling and simulation or for doctoral students who wish to focus on human factors issues in modeling and simulation It is anticipated that students will complete the program in 2 semesters (full time enrollment) or 2 years (part-time enrollment or working to complement a graduate degree).