Academic Catalog


Doctor of Philosophy Chemistry (PhD)

The Ph.D. program in Chemistry prepares students in the application of chemical principles to address many of society's technical, environmental, and biomedical problems. Students will be able to provide leadership in industrial, governmental and educational institutions in directing research and/or development to solve these problems. The Ph.D. degree is granted to students who have:

  1. mastered advanced knowledge of definite sub-fields of chemistry
  2. become familiar with research in these specific fields and developed perceptions of opportunities for further scientific advances
  3. demonstrated the capacity to perform original, independent, and scholarly scientific investigation in their specific field and interpret their results.

All students admitted to the program must read and understand the regulations and policies described here and elsewhere throughout this catalog relevant to Old Dominion University’s requirements for Ph.D. degrees. The essential credit requirements for the Ph.D. are:

A minimum of 78 credit hours beyond the Bachelor's degree, and
48 credit hours beyond the Master's degree.