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Certificate Post-Professional - Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate

Post-Professional - Family Nurse Practitioner (Graduate Certificate)

Lisa Cordero, Advisor

The Post-Professional Certificate for Family Nurse Practitioner has been developed to address a growing demand from nurses for programming that enables them to obtain national certification as an advanced practice nurse (nurse practitioner) in the area of family care. The program will educate students in the concepts associated with illnesses and conditions across the lifespan. Students will develop knowledge in the diagnosis and management of illnesses. Students will learn to provide advanced nursing care to patients from childhood to older adulthood. Upon completing the program, application of key concepts related to diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing management of patients in primary care settings, with a focus on healthy promotion and disease prevention using best practices and evidence-based care to achieve the best possible patient outcomes will be understood.

This certificate program is targeted to licensed, registered nurses with an APRN MSN who wish to gain new skills and knowledge for board certification to provide primary care services as a family nurse practitioner. The expected time to complete the program is 1.5 years. There is a limited number of seats for the Post-Professional Certificate in Family Nurse Practitioner. The Post Professional FNP Certificate track is offered in a hybrid format.