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Master of Nursing Nursing with a Concentration in Neonatal Clinical Nurse Specialist (MSN)

Master of Science in Nursing - Neonatal Clinical Nurse Specialist

The School of Nursing offers a curriculum leading to the degree of Master of Science in Nursing with an advanced practice area of Neonatal Clinical Nurse Specialist.  The program of study prepares students as expert clinicians in the application of evidence-based knowledge within the realms of nursing interventions, teaching and research. 

The program requires course content in theory, research, education, Neonatal CNS professional and clinical cores, and the advanced practice area with a selected secondary focus.  Applicants are admitted for full-time or part-time study and can begin in the fall.  The curriculum is designed to prepare nurses as Neonatal Clinical Nurse Specialists with a secondary clinical focus in an area of their choice.  Graduates of this program are eligible to sit for the American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN) Acute Care Neonatal (ACCNS-N) Exam. The MSN - Neonatal Clinical Nurse Specialist is offered online only.