Academic Catalog


Doctor of Philosophy Biomedical Sciences with a Concentration in One Health (PhD)

Barbara Hargrave, Graduate Program Director

In this interdisciplinary program, students will master a broad range of basic biomedical science topics.  Integration of the basic courses is reinforced by a rotation of laboratory experiences and by special seminars that highlight disciplinary interrelationships and approaches to biomedical research. The student progresses from a core of basic courses to in-depth study of specific biomedical problems. This includes advanced doctoral courses and the doctoral research project. Under the guidance of the graduate faculty, the student will integrate knowledge from the broad spectrum of biomedical disciplines into their focus on an area of specialization.

The program graduate will be a scientist with a broad biomedical education and a demonstrated ability to carry out original and creative research, cognizant of disciplinary interfaces and implications and capable of pursuing and/or recommending continuing lines of study. They will be prepared to bridge the gap between practice and discovery in the art of medicine and the practice of science. The graduate is capable of serving in an industrial, governmental, or academic teaching or research setting, either independently or as a member of a team.