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Certificate Mission Analysis and Engineering Certificate

The graduate certificate in Mission Analysis and Engineering provides students and professionals with the necessary understanding to manage engineering and systems engineering activities such that mission supporting capabilities are achieved in even the most complex conditions.  The program is designed to elevate understanding of the difficulties that are endemic to working with complex, socio-technical systems, or system of systems, in extremely transient and uncertain situations.  It provides the student with the opportunity to hone planning, decision-making, and/or execution skills necessary to work transformational environments. It is recommended that students intending to take the certificate contact the certificate director to develop a plan of study that will most benefit the student’s goals.

Transferability of courses: The certificate is listed as a graduate certificate by the State Council for a higher Education in Virginia. The program offers "for-credit", graduate-level, courses listed in the Old Dominion University Graduate Catalog. Courses taken for the certificate may be used towards graduate studies with approval of the student's Advisor or Graduate Program Director. Non-degree seeking students completing the certificate may later apply the credit hours earned towards graduate degrees in engineering and other disciples with approval of the Graduate Program Director of the program to which the student has been admitted or is seeking admission.