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Master of Engineering Management Engineering Management (MEM)

Degree Description

The Master of Engineering Management (MEM) provides a foundation and the necessary skills, knowledge, and abilities required to design and manage the technology-based, project-driven enterprise. Fundamentally, the engineering management program focuses on problems, design, and management of projects and complex operations. The program is grounded in solid principles of systems science while exploiting the tools of management science and project management. The Master of Engineering Management emphasizes the concept of technological leadership. Technological leadership’s vision looks to the creation of new products, processes, and services which, in turn, will create new markets or enable domination of existing ones. Core coursework in the Master of Engineering Management program concentrates on developing the knowledge and skills required by graduates to provide the project and program leadership and management necessary to develop and manage technology intensive organizational settings. 

The degree is directed at working professionals and traditional full-time students with technical undergraduate degrees.  The degree is available on campus in a live setting as well as online through synchronous web delivery. Courses are scheduled in the evenings and can be attended from off-campus sites, including the Peninsula Higher Education Center in Hampton and the Virginia Beach Higher Education Center. The complete M.E.M. program is available through Old Dominion University’s distance learning program and through the Commonwealth Graduate Engineering Program. Both programs transmit courses to educational, industrial, and government locations throughout Virginia and via a web-based platform.