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Master of Science Engineering with a Concentration in Environmental Engineering (MS)

Master's Degrees

In this rapidly changing technological world, graduate degrees are highly desirable and most often master’s degrees are required to hold professional civil and environmental engineering positions in the industry, and in federal, state and municipal government agencies. The department’s graduate programs are designed to educate the technological leaders of the future in civil and environmental engineering, and are structured to accommodate both full-time and part-time students. The specialty areas include coastal, geotechnical, structural, transportation, and water resources engineering in civil engineering, and sub-fields in environmental engineering including water quality, water and wastewater treatment, hydrologic processes, water resources, environmental engineering microbiology, air quality, hazardous and solid waste, biofuels, nutrient cycling, and pollution prevention. Distance learning (on-line) master's degree programs in Coastal Engineering and Environmental Engineering are available with/without allowed transfer credits. For additional information, please request a departmental handbook from the graduate program director (