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Master of Science Data Science and Analytics with a Concentration in Business Intelligence and Analytics (MS)

Sampath Jayarathna, Graduate Program Director 
Dean Chatfield, Business Intelligence & Analytics Concentration Coordinator

This program will provide students with a foundation to use state-of-the-art programming tools and software packages to develop statistical models. Students will learn how to use data for identifying trends and patterns, solving problems, communicating results, and recommending optimal solutions.  

Coursework for the business intelligence and analytics concentration focuses on providing students with the skills to gather, analyze, and use data to make informed decisions. Graduates will be prepared to enter business and organizations that need educated professionals to help make informed recommendations. This program is available on-campus and online.

Business Intelligence & Analytics Concentration

This concentration will prepare students for organizations looking for data-driven recommendations. The coursework addresses the use of tools to store, access, and analyze data to support making informed business recommendations. Students will learn how to retrieve data, gain insights, make decisions, and communicate solutions to various constituents in specific settings of data science and analytics. Students will select four courses in consultation with the faculty advisor.