Academic Catalog


Master of Science Psychology (MS)

James Paulson, Graduate Program Director

The master’s program in psychology offers a course of study leading to the Master of Science in general psychology. The master’s degree program is appropriate for individuals wishing to gain additional research experience prior to enrolling in a psychology doctoral program at Old Dominion University or another university or for those individuals who are seeking the master’s as a terminal degree. The curriculum is designed to provide a strong background in statistics, research methods, and general psychology so that the student will have a wide range of choices for future professional education and development.  The master’s degree is not a licensing or practicing degree.

The master’s program uses a mentor-model, such that an applicant is admitted based on the recommendation of a faculty member who is interested in mentoring that applicant.  In addition to reasonable GRE scores and GPAs, successful applicants have research interests and/or experiences that coincide with their mentor.  Therefore, it is recommended that applicants explicitly identify the desired mentor(s) whose research program best fits with their career goals in their application.  Applicants are also encouraged to contact potential mentors prior to applying. 

Once admitted, graduate students are expected to work closely with members of the faculty and to participate in the research and other professional activities that are available within the department. Faculty are involved in research in the general areas of clinical, health, developmental, human factors, organizational, personnel, and community psychology. Individual faculty research interests can be found on the ODU Psychology Department website.