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Certificate Global Health Certificate

Michele Kekeh, PhD, Program Director
Email Address:
3011 Health Sciences Bldg. 

Global Health aims to show us the big picture. Mistakenly, people assume that the target of “Global Health” involves mainly tackling problems in the developing world. Diseases and health problems do not recognize borders. All countries can learn from the experiences of other countries. Neglecting to address health problems in a global scale may affect people’s health, well-being and national security around the world including in developed countries such as the United States.

This competency-based certificate program aims to provide comprehensive training on Global Health. Additionally, this certification program embraces a transdisciplinary focus. The Global Health Certificate is designed as an online program for professionals who are practicing or who plan to practice in a worldwide setting. Graduates of the Global Health Certificate can expect to find employment in a variety of fields including health-related governmental/non-governmental organizations, university research programs, international healthcare consultancies, and multinational corporations (Education Advisory Board, 2013). The certificate requires three core courses (3 credit hours each), two electives (2 credit hours each) and a cumulative experience (2 credit hours) for a total fifteen (15) credits. A maximum of 6 credit hours from graduate level courses may be transferred into the certificate program.  Admission to the certificate program requires a bachelor’s degree (or the equivalent).