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Master of Public Health Public Health with a Concentration in Global Environmental Health (MPH)

Dr. Leslie Hoglund, Graduate Program Director
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Students can complete this program in a traditional (classroom) format or online.

The Master's of Public Health (MPH) is designed to prepare students for entry and/or advancement in public health careers. The program provides students with an understanding of the public health sciences and with knowledge and skills that can be utilized in healthcare management, population-based research, and the community practice of public health. The MPH is designed for students with a bachelor’s degree from all academic disciplines within and outside of the health disciplines. The graduates of the program will be ready to serve as invaluable professionals and leaders in the realm of public health care services. The program is available as traditional (class-room), online or hybrid options.

Graduates of the MPH with a concentration in Health Behavior and Health Promotion are successful health behavior and health promotion leaders, directors, managers, health educators, community health planners, program managers, and program evaluators in public and private sectors including health departments, not-for-profit organizations, and foundations. Their work is aimed at preventing disease and injury and promoting healthy behaviors through education, communication, research, and publication.

Graduates of the MPH with a concentration in Global Environmental Health will be prepared to work for local, state, and federal agencies, the uniformed services, not-for-profit organizations, international organizations, and the private sector in such roles as environmental health officer, public health emergency response coordinator, global environmental health analyst, food safety officer, environmentalist/sanitarian, environmental disaster specialist, health inspector, bioterrorism preparedness coordinator, environmental health consultant, and consumer safety officer.

Graduates of the MPH with a concentration in Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases will be prepared to work as public health professionals who focus on the causes, patterns and control of diseases and injury in populations around the world. Epidemiology is a fundamental public health science and is essential to the surveillance of and responses to infectious disease and other outbreaks.