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Doctor of Philosophy Education with a Concentration in Human Movement Sciences - Applied Kinesiology (PhD)

Justin Haegele, Ph.D.
2009 Student Recreation Center

The goal of our doctoral program is to prepare professionals with research knowledge, critical thinking skills and problem solving abilities required to be successful leaders, scholars, and educators. The program provides a solid theoretical foundation, advanced methodological training, one-on-one mentorship, and opportunities to teach undergraduate courses.

We offer a PhD in Education with a concentration in Human Movement Sciences. There are three emphasis areas within the HMS concentration. These include:

Applied Kinesiology Emphasis – this area focuses on Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics and prepares graduates for positions as post-doctoral research fellows, university faculty, and/or governmental research officials.

Sport & Recreation Management Emphasis – this area focuses on issues related to the administration of sport and recreation organizations. Graduates are prepared for careers as faculty or administrators in higher education, private organizations, public agencies, and/or other research-based institutions.

Health & Sport Pedagogy Emphasis – this area focuses on research, scholarship, and leadership opportunities in health and sport pedagogy. This program prepares individuals for academic positions in departments of physical education/ kinesiology at universities and colleges.