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Doctor of Philosophy Education with a Concentration in Educational Psychology and Program Evaluation (PhD)

2300 Education Building

Tony Perez, Graduate Program Director 

Doctoral students pursuing the Ph.D. in Education with a Concentration in Educational Psychology and Program Evaluation (EPPE) at Old Dominion University will develop a strong foundation in theories of learning, human development, cognition, motivation, self-regulation, and formative assessment as well as training in applied quantitative and qualitative research methods. Educational psychologists study learning across the lifespan and apply psychological principles to formal and informal educational settings in order to promote the success of students in these learning environments. Program evaluators collect and analyze quantitative and qualitative data in order to examine the effectiveness of programs and policies. Our program is designed for students who are interested in teaching, research, and program evaluation-oriented careers. For example, students may be interested in careers as university faculty, researchers in non-profit research organizations, or program evaluators in university research and evaluation centers.

We include two specialized emphasis areas: educational psychology and program evaluation. Students will complete core coursework in research methods and learning theories. Then, students will specialize in coursework and experiences tailored for positions in educational psychology or program evaluation. Along the way, students may take electives that could prepare them for work in PK-12, Higher Education or Instructional Design.