Academic Catalog


Doctor of Philosophy Education with a Concentration in Educational Leadership (PhD)

Karen Sanzo, Graduate Program Director

Program Requirements

The Ph.D. Program in Education with an Educational Leadership Concentration consists of a minimum of 48 academic credit hours beyond the master’s degree and a minimum of 12 credits for the dissertation. The curriculum includes 18 hours of ELS content area credit, 15 hours of research methods and design credit, 12 hours of elective credit, and 3 hours of dissertation seminar credit. Students entering the program may also need to complete one or more introductory statistics courses if they have not had such coursework or cannot demonstrate competency at a satisfactory level. Students who come into the Ph.D. program with a master’s degree in an academic field that is unrelated to educational leadership and/or who have not completed courses to develop competency in specified areas may need to complete other courses in lieu of electives. This program is available online.