Academic Catalog


Doctor of Philosophy Education with a Concentration in Special Education (PhD)

TBA, Graduate Program Director

The Doctor of Philosophy is the degree most often desired for those who wish to become faculty in colleges and universities and those who aspire to senior administrative roles in institutions and agencies. The PhD in education with a concentration in special education is intended to prepare individuals for administrative and faculty positions and to provide students with the skills to carry out scholarly research, lead organizations, and create new research.

The PhD in education with a concentration in special education is designed to address the acute shortage of doctoral level special education personnel in the Commonwealth and across the nation. Program graduates will be prepared as content experts in pre-referral intervention and early intervention to assume positions of leadership as special education faculty at the university and college level. Additionally, graduates of the special education program will have the professional research skills to work with school systems to address the diverse learning needs and behavior challenges associated with the education of students with special needs and those students at risk. Program graduates will attain a degree of proficiency in research and writing that will prepare them to make contributions to the professional literature of special education and related disciplines.

The curriculum described below contains elements that will provide research expertise, administrative skills and experience, and the ability to serve the nation’s colleges, universities, and agencies providing special education services.