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Certificate Social Justice and Entrepreneurship Certificate

The graduate certificate in Social Justice & Entrepreneurship focuses on students cultivating tools that are essential to launching and sustaining successful activist, community organizing, non-profit, social entrepreneurial, and social justice-based programs/initiatives. These tools include action plan development and implementation, fundraising and grant writing, social media and on-the-ground mobilization and engagement, community-driven problem solving, attracting and engaging media and stakeholders, organizational communication strategies and developing sustainable and responsive programs by identifying and assessing opportunities and resources. These skills are paired with critical tools drawn from studying the history, ethics and principles of social justice activities.  Students earning the 13-credit certificate will obtain community-based leadership skills translatable into various social justice areas. Coursework is primarily project-based allowing students to apply course content while actively working with existing social justice organizations and on social justice campaigns and initiatives. The certificate culminates in a capstone project wherein students will develop a proposal for social justice-based intervention and present their proposal to stakeholders in Hampton Roads for critique, feedback and possible implementation. The certificate is open to any graduate student enrolled in any graduate program at Old Dominion University.  Non-degree seeking individuals can also earn it as a standalone certificate.