Elizabeth Esinhart, Director of Interdisciplinary Studies Teacher Preparation
Virginia Tucker, Director of Interdisciplinary Programs and Program Coordinator and Advisor for Professional Writing
Kathleen Fowler, Program Coordinator and Advisor, Individualized Interdisciplinary Studies
Daniel O'Leary, Program Coordinator and Advisor, Work and Professional Studies
Tamer Nadeem, Program Coordinator and Advisor, Cybersecurity
Roderick Graham, Program Coordinator and Advisor, Cybercrime
Hongyi Wu, Program Coordinator and Advisor, Cyber Operations
Ike Flory, Program Coordinator and Advisor, General Engineering Technology
Jeanie P. Kline, Program Coordinator and Advisor, Leadership

Interdisciplinary Studies coordinates the administration and delivery of nine degree programs: the Bachelor of Science in interdisciplinary studies-teacher preparation program; the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in interdisciplinary studies-individualized programs; and the Bachelor of Science in interdisciplinary studies-professional writing, work and professional studies, cybersecurity, cybercrime, cyber operations, general engineering technology, and leadership programs. For IDS students, no more than two classes, or six credits, may be counted for both the major and a minor. Topics courses, such as ENGL 395/ENGL 495, COMM 395/COMM 396, etc., must be approved by the student's advisor to ensure that the topic is appropriate for the major.