ENTR 201S. Introduction to Entrepreneurship. 3 Credits.

This course will broaden students’ views of careers and work in an increasingly global and diverse world. It provides students intellectual perspectives of entrepreneurship, and engages students in the search for knowledge regarding opportunity value and resource management. Basic analytical and critical thinking skills are developed for making reasoned judgments concerning organization creation.

ENTR 368. Entrepreneurship Internship. 1-3 Credits.

Students complete an entrepreneurial project or assignment for a business, non-profit agency, or other organization. Students should work 50 hours for each credit and complete course assignments integrating coursework and entrepreneurial experiences. Prerequisites: ENTR 201S and approval of the program coordinator and Strome Entrepreneurial Center director.

ENTR 498. Tutorial Work in Special Topics in Entrepreneurship. 3 Credits.

Independent reading and study on a topic to be selected under the direction of an instructor. The study should lead to presentation of a paper at a conference or publication as appropriate. Prerequisites: ENTR 201S and approval of the program coordinator.