GRAD 668. Internship in Conservation Leadership. 3 Credits.

The internship will focus on a "real-world issue" that constitutes a leadership challenge in conservation. The student is expected to use the concepts of adaptation science to analyze the issue and to develop options of how to address the issue. Prerequisite: BIOL 467/BIOL 567 or OEAS 467/OEAS 567.

GRAD 700. Professional Development. 1 Credit.

This course is a professional development course for graduate students that will better prepare them for success in graduate school and subsequently in their careers and the academy. It focuses on establishing a multidisciplinary community of scholars, and encouraging joint exploration of the academy and its expectations, socialization and networking, future career paths, and other relevant issues. Students will develop a professional portfolio to integrate learning, document progress along their professional development plan, and showcase their academic and professional achievements.