Manufacturing Engineering Technology - BSET
2022-23 Four-Year Plan*

Students completing this program will receive a minor in engineering management.

Critical MET course sequences within the Mechanical Engineering Technology curricula require a minimum grade of C before progressing to subsequent courses.  A grade of C- does not satisfy the requirement for a C grade. 

The following courses require a minimum grade of C:  ENGL 110C, ENGL 211C, MATH 162M, MATH 163, MATH 211, PHYS 111N, MET 220, MET 300, and ENGT 435W

First TermHoursSecond TermHours
MET 1203MET 2303
ENGN 1102ENGT 1112
MATH 162M3MATH 1633
CHEM 121N**3PHYS 111N4
CHEM 122N**1ENGL 110C3
Human Behavior Way of Knowing3 
 15 15
First TermHoursSecond TermHours
MET 2003MET 2203
MET 2103MET 2251
MATH 2114STEM 221 or 2313
PHYS 112N4COMM 101R3
ENGL 211C3Human Creativity Way of Knowing3
 Literature Way of Knowing3
 17 16
First TermHoursSecond TermHours
MET 3003MET 3303
MET 3103MET 3351
MET 3203MET 3503
ENGT 3053MET 370***3
EET 3503MET 386***1
EET 3551ENMA 480****3
 Approved Manufacturing Elective*****3
 16 17
First TermHoursSecond TermHours
MET 3872ENGT 435W3
ENGT 4341Approved Manufacturing Elective*****3
ENGN 4011Approved Manufacturing Elective*****3
Approved Manufacturing Elective*****3ENMA 4013
Approved Manufacturing Elective*****3ENMA 4213
Interpreting the Past Way of Knowing3 
ENMA 3023 
 16 15
Total credit hours: 127

Does not include the University's General Education language and culture requirement. Additional hours may be required.


Must be taken together.


Must be taken together.


Meets philosophy and ethics general education requirement.


Approved Manufacturing Electives:

MET 400, MET 405, MET 406, MET 410, MET 415, MET 420, MET 445, MET 455, MET 465, MET 485, EET 360, EET 405

General Education requirements in information literacy and research, impact of technology, and philosophy and ethics are met through the major.

The four-year plan is a suggested curriculum to complete this degree program in four years.  It is just one of several plans that will work and is presented only as broad guidance to students. Each student is strongly encouraged to develop a customized plan in consultation with their academic advisor.  Additional information can also be found in Degree Works.