Economics - Bachelor of Arts
2019-20 Four-Year Plan

First TermHoursSecond TermHours
ENGL 110C3ENGL 211C or 221C3
MATH 162M3MATH 2003
Language and Culture 101F3Human Behavior Way of Knowing3
Information Literacy and Research Requirement3Language and Culture 102F3
COMM 101R3Interpreting the Past Way of Knowing3
 15 15
First TermHoursSecond TermHours
ECON 201S3ECON 202S3
Literature Way of Knowing3BNAL 2063
Nature of Science I Way of Knowing4Nature of Science II Way of Knowing4
Philosophy/Ethics Way of Knowing*3Interpreting the Past Way of Knowing (dept requirement)3
Foreign Language 2013Foreign Language 2023
 16 16
First TermHoursSecond TermHours
ECON 3043ECON 3053
BNAL 3063ECON Elective3
ECON Elective3Upper-division General Education Course3
Impact of Technology Way of Knowing3Human Creativity Way of Knowing3
Free Elective (not ECON)3Free Elective (not ECON)3
 15 15
First TermHoursSecond TermHours
ECON 4503ECON Electives9
ECON Writing-Intensive Course3Non-Business Elective3
ECON Elective3Free Elective (not ECON)1
Upper-division General Education Course3 
Free Elective (not ECON)3 
 15 13
Total credit hours: 120