Occupational and Technical Studies - Fashion Merchandising - Bachelor of Science

2019-2020 Four-Year Plan

First TermHoursSecond TermHours 
ENGL 110C (C or better required)3ENGL 211C, 221C, or 231C (C or better required)3 
Oral Communication3Interpreting the Past3 
MATH 102M or 103M3STEM 251G3 
SEPS 1003SEPS 2203 
SEPS 1023SEPS 2343 
 15 15 
First TermHoursSecond TermHoursSummer TermHours
Nature of Science I4Nature of Science II4Foreign Language (if required; may be waived)0-3
Literature3Human Creativity3 
ECON 200S3Philosophy and Ethics3 
SEPS 2083ACCT 2013 
SEPS 3033Elective3 
 16 16 0-3
First TermHoursSecond TermHoursSummer TermHours
STEM 3503SEPS 4153Foreign Language (if required; may be waived)0-3
SEPS 3553STEM 370T (writing intensive; C or better required )3SEPS 4054
SEPS 4003MGMT 3253 
MKTG 3113Fashion Elective3 
Minor or Upper-Division General Education3Fashion Elective3 
 15 15 4-7
First TermHoursSecond TermHours 
SEPS 4023SEPS 4803 
SEPS 4223SEPS 4813 
Fashion Elective3Fashion Elective3 
Minor or Upper-Division General Education3Elective3 
 12 12 
Total credit hours: 120-126