Bachelor of Science Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies - Work and Professional Studies Major
Daniel O'Leary, Program Coordinator and Advisor

The work and professional studies interdisciplinary program is offered through the College of Arts and Letters at Old Dominion University and the higher education centers (Virginia Beach, Tri-Cities, and the Peninsula) using the Virtual Classroom technology. The program offers a 36-hour curriculum focused on the subject of work and labor and provides opportunities for students to integrate interdisciplinary theory and research findings with the application of problem-solving skills in the work environment. Courses are drawn from the disciplines of philosophy, English, sociology, history, psychology, economics, management and occupational and technical studies to examine the meaning and experience of work. Old Dominion University students admitted to the program have a variety of credit options including portfolio review, CLEP, DANTES and departmental exams. For more information about the work and professional studies interdisciplinary program, contact Daniel O'Leary at Additional information, including application information, can be found at

Topics courses, such as ENGL 395/ENGL 495, COMM 395/COMM 396, etc., must be approved by the student's advisor to ensure that the topic is appropriate for the major.  No more than two classes, or six credits, may be counted for both the major and a minor.

Lower Division General Education and Major Requirements

Written Communication *6
Oral Communication3
Language and Culture0-6
Information Literacy and Research3
Human Creativity3
Interpreting the Past3
Philosophy and Ethics **0-3
The Nature of Science8
Impact of Technology ***0-3
Human Behavior3
Interdisciplinary Studies Core9
Interdisciplinary Theory and Concepts ****
Select two from the following:
Digital Writing
Internship in Interdisciplinary Studies
IDS Electronic Portfolio Project
Understanding Work and Labor +9
Select three from the following:
Labor Market Economics
The United States, 1945-1991
Topics in Integrative Studies (as approved)
Contemporary Organizations and Management
Organizational Behavior
Employee Relations Problems and Practices
Labor Management Relations
Business Ethics
Marx and the Marxists
Computer Ethics
Studies in Applied Ethics
Topics in Philosophy
Topics in Political Science (Internet Policy)
Topics in Sociology (Perspectives on Organizational Behavior)
Sociology of Work and Occupations
Topics in Sociology (Sociology of Work, Family and Children)
Technology and Society
Women and Technology Worldwide
Select three of the following:
Interpersonal Communication in Organizations
Organizational Communication
Communication and Conflict Management
Technical Writing
Reporting and News Writing I
Public Relations
Management Writing
Writing in Digital Spaces
Employee Benefit Planning
Topics in Integrative Studies (as approved)
Human Resources Management
Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Personnel Psychology
Human Factors
Organizational Psychology
Instructional Systems Development
Instructional Methods in Occupational Studies
Topics in Occupational Education (Career Management Assessment and Planning)
Communication Technology
Additional hours elected from either Understanding Work and Labor or Applications9
Total Hours71-83

Grade of C or better required in both courses and in ENGL 110C and before declaring major.


Can be met by PHIL 303E, PHIL 355E or PHIL 442E.


Can be met by STEM 370T or  WMST 390T.


 Grade of C or better required


Senior standing and completion of IDS 300W are required for enrollment in IDS 368, IDS 493, or IDS 497.


Other courses related to the work and professional studies interdisciplinary program may be substituted with the approval of the program coordinator.


Elective courses may be taken for the remainder of the minimum 120 credits required for the degree.

Upper Division General Education

Met in the major.

Requirements for Graduation

Requirements for graduation include a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00 overall and in the major, 120 credit hours, which must include both a minimum of 30 credit hours overall and 12 credit hours of upper-level courses in the major program from Old Dominion University, completion of ENGL 110C, ENGL 211C or ENGL 221C or ENGL 231C, and the writing intensive (W) course in the major with a grade of C or better, and completion of Senior Assessment.


IDS 300W. Interdisciplinary Theory and Concepts. 3 Credits.

An examination of the history, concepts and application of interdisciplinary study. This course includes an analysis of similarities and differences in academic disciplines and the application of interdisciplinary approaches to a specific topic of study. (This is a writing intensive course.) Prerequisite: a grade of C or better in ENGL 211C, ENGL 221C or ENGL 231C.

IDS 307T. Digital Writing. 3 Credits.

This course introduces students to issues of writing in various digital environments like web pages, email, blogs, wikis, and discussion boards. It also introduces fundamentals of hypertext authoring, digital and visual rhetoric, and image manipulation. Prerequisites: ENGL 110C and ENGL 211C or ENGL 221C or ENGL 231C.

IDS 368. Internship in Interdisciplinary Studies. 1-6 Credits.

An opportunity to integrate service and applied learning experience with interdisciplinary perspectives. Prerequisite: junior standing and permission of individualized interdisciplinary studies program coordinator.

IDS 397. Independent Study. 1-6 Credits.

IDS 398. Independent Study. 1-6 Credits.

IDS 400/500. Study Abroad. 0 Credits.

IDS 466W. Introduction to Mitigation and Adaptation Studies. 3 Credits.

Students will be introduced to the science underpinning mitigation of human-induced changes in the Earth system, including but not limited to climate change and sea level rise, and adaptation to the impacts of these changes. The course will cover the environmental hazards and the opportunities and limitations for conservation, mitigation and adaptation. Cross listed with BIOL 466W and OEAS 466W. Prerequisite: BIOL 291 or permission of instructor.

IDS 467. Sustainability Leadership. 3 Credits.

In this class, students will discover what makes a leader for sustainability. They will consider a range of global and local crises from a leadership point of view in the context of sustainability science, which addresses the development of communities in a rapidly changing social, economic, and environmental system-of-systems environment. The course will be based on taking a problem-motivated and solution-focused approach to the challenges considered. The course includes a service learning project focusing on a leadership experience in solving a real-world environmental problem. Prerequisite: BIOL 466W or OEAS 466W or IDS 466W.

IDS 493. IDS Electronic Portfolio Project. 3 Credits.

The preparation of an electronic portfolio integrating the student's academic study, work experiences, skill identification and work products. Alternative formats are used for varying uses of the portfolio. Prerequisites: IDS 300W and senior standing.

IDS 495. Topics in Integrative Studies. 3 Credits.

Focused study of selected topics linking perspectives, research and applications from a variety of disciplines. Emphasis is on disciplinary synthesis. Prerequisite: IDS 300W.

IDS 497. IDS Individualized Senior Project. 3 Credits.

This course is a vehicle for the execution of the senior project requirement of the Interdisciplinary Studies Program. The project will be negotiated between the student, faculty sponsors, and the program. Open only to individualized integrative studies majors. Prerequisites: IDS 300W, permission of the instructor and an approved individualized integrative studies curriculum plan.